2020 Senior Cap and Gown Session


Jun 16, 2020

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2020 Senior Cap and Gown Session


2020 Senior Cap and Gown Session

Kaitlyn is such a gem!  She waited so patiently for her 2020 Senior Cap and Gown Session.  She worked hard and graduated mid-term.  While it was still cold out, she contacted me about her cap and gown session.  Just as it was beginning to warm up, and we could look at scheduling her session, I stopped shooting due to COVID…  So she waited patiently a little longer, and then a little longer…..  Finally it was warm, things opened up and we had a great cap and gown session!


Dreams of Fall….

Her school plans to hold their graduation ceremony in mid-July.  But what Kaitlyn is really looking forward to is heading off to college this fall to pursue her degree in nursing.  She has been working as a CNA (certified nurses aide) about a year now.  She is eager to continue learning and move her career forward.  After waiting through quarantine, and a delayed pre-move in college orientation, she finally met her roommate in person!   This fall will certainly come with new challenges.  All the regular challenges of a college freshman.  Also, challenges of going back to school the fall after a pandemic.  Some of her classes will meet in person, some will be online.  They don’t yet have all the details worked out at her university, and they don’t know if they’ll be required to wear masks.  Through it all Kaitlyn is excited and ready to move on to the next chapter in her life!


Kaitlyn is the only senior I’ve photographed every year of my photography career.  She and I clicked from that first family photo shoot.  What an honor it’s been to capture so many years in her life.  A huge thank you to Kaitlyn and her family for being so loyal and entrusting me to capture so many memories.    I hope to capture many more.  Best of luck to you all as Kaitlyn heads off to pursue her dreams!


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