Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session

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Sep 24, 2019

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Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session

Happy fall!  There are so many fun fall festivals this time of year, and in Bluffton, Indiana that means it’s Street Fair time.   Last year’s rep shoot at the fair was so much fun,  we decided to do a Bluffton Street Fair senior rep session again this year.  I love getting to spend time with the senior reps in a more casual setting where have a little more time to talk.   I also really enjoy getting a bit of a behind the scenes look at the Bluffton Street Fair when I’m scouting locations for this shoot.

This year the Bluffton Street Fair rep session was on Tuesday afternoon, the first day of the fair and before the opening parade.  As I walked through the fair many vendors were still setting up.   At 2:30 in the afternoon I was surprised to also see chairs set up for the 7pm parade.  That’s some pretty hard core parade watching!  I wonder how long they had been set up and who would occupy them at parade time???


Business as usual

As I was walking along the back side of the fair, I met a sweet mail lady.  I never thought about how the businesses in the heart of the fair, including the courthouse, carrying on business as usual.  Most businesses shut down for the entire week, like the library and Hughes coffeehouse.  I asked the mail lady about how the fair impacted her delivery route.  It means more walking.  It also means hoping the load from places she usually drives isn’t too big to carry for a few days.  Keep up the good work sweet mail lady! 🙂

Fair Food

The Bluffton Street Fair also means tons and tons of fair food!  Now I have to be honest, I am closer to a health nut than a fair food aficionado.   I do love a good funnel cake, though!  I don’t even know what to say about all the selections, except, it’s a bit mind boggling! Local vendors at the fair are always my favorite!   This year I learned that there were even a few healthier offerings at the fair.  Oh how I wish I had known they were local and healthier while I was at the fair!  I would have definitely tried the apple blossoms!

This years reps are an awesome busy group.  Not everyone could make it to this shoot, so we already have brainstormed an idea for another!  These girls had other commitments this night so they came and went from the shoot as their schedules allowed.  I’m so thankful!

Sit back and enjoy a few of my favorites from our fair shoot.  I would love to know what was your favorite memory of this year’s Bluffton Street Fair?


Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session


A few behind the scenes

Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session

Look at those chairs set up for the parade to come in 4 hours! 🙂  This was just one of the sets I saw.

Sweet dedicated mail lady and a couple local vendors!


Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep SessionBluffton Street Fair Senior Rep SessionBluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session Bluffton Street Fair Senior Rep Session



A huge thank you to these awesome Senior Reps for making this shoot so fun!!!  You guys are the best!

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