Boho Senior Session I am so in love with Elena’s boho senior session!  She and her mom met me Salamonie Lake State Park  late in the afternoon when the light was beautiful!   We had so much fun exploring and creating some shots Elena thought of.  As we explored, they shared about their trip over fall […]

Nov 17, 2021


Fall Morning Senior Session   Lily chose a crisp fall morning for her senior session.  She made such a great choice!  The light was absolutely beautiful!  Lily and her mom met me at her uncle’s farm to capture a few fun images.   Childhood Memories As we explored the farm, Lily’s mom reminisced about the […]

Nov 3, 2021


Metea Park Fall Senior Session It was a beautiful fall day, when Megan and her mom met me for her Metea park fall senior session.  Megan had seen Metea Park on my blog, and liked it so much she wanted to have her own senior session there.  Metea is so beautiful, especailly in the fall!  […]

Nov 2, 2021


enior girl at Promenade Park downtown Fort Wayne with fall foilage

Downtown Fort Wayne Fall Senior Session The trees lining Headwaters park were changing and a cool fall breeze was in the air.  Shortly before leaving on fall break Autumn and her mom met me in downtown Fort Wayne for her fall senior session. We had so much fun exploring Headwaters and Promenade parks along with […]

Oct 26, 2021


blue hats made for national bully prevention month

Bullying   October is National Bully Prevention Month.   You may wonder, why is a photographer writing about bullying?   In short, because I want this job, that I love so much, to be about more than pretty pictures.  High school is hard, middle school is hard, sadly even elementary school can be emotionally hard—regardless of schoolwork! […]

Oct 11, 2021


senior girl at Headwaters Park Fort Wayne

Senior Session in Downtown Fort Wayne Alyssa was so excited for her senior session in downtown Fort Wayne!  We went on an adventure for her session, because neither of us are super familiar with downtown Fort Wayne!   It turns out,  I actually know the area a little better than I thought.  🙂   Let’s go […]

Sep 27, 2021


Sunflower Senior Session Meet Lily! Meet Lily!  I’m so excited to have Lily as the final member completing the 2022 Senior Rep team!  When I met with Lily and her they mentioned taking pictures in a sunflower field her dad had seen recenlty.   Early August was perfecting timing for a sunflower senior session!   Umm…. […]

Aug 20, 2021


Summer Afternoon Senior Session Meet Alyssa! Meet Alyssa!  Alyssa is a member of the 2022 Senior Rep  team!  We met on a goregous day for her summer afternoon senior session.  With all the heat, humidity, rain and thunderstoms we’ve had lately, her original session as rained out.   Her patience was rewarded with a mild day […]

Jul 14, 2021


Nature Summer Rep Session Meet Brosia!  Brosia is so sweet!   I met up with her and her mom for a late evening nature summer rep session.  We explored and were able to easily capture a variety of settings.   From woodland flowers, to tall grasses, to a sandy beach, we had fun at each stop along […]

Jun 29, 2021


Lakeside Summer Session Meet Autumn!  Autumn is such a doll!  She came out for a lakeside summer senior rep session the night before having her wisdom teeth out!  She was fabulous! Autumn has a confident no-nonsense vibe about her that is unique and fun.   From Inquiry to Senior Rep When Autumn’s mom contacted me […]

Jun 23, 2021