Fall Morning Engagement Session

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Nov 1, 2019

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Fall Morning Engagement Session


Fall Morning Engagement Session

I just have to take a moment to say I have THE BEST CLIENTS!!!!  It’s kind of weird using the word clients, when I really think of them as friends!  Ally and Brandon got up early and and met me at 9AM!  9AM on a Saturday for a fall morning engagement session!   As we walked and talked during their session I was even more impressed with them!  Ally had been in an accident that totaled her car earlier that week.   Right after our session she was heading to her brother’s basketball game,  and then leaving for a week in Florida!   Did I mention she’s also a full-time college student in her senior year as an education major?  Wow!  I think I need to sign up for time management lessons from Ally!

Brandon just started a new job with UPS a few weeks before our shoot.  He is quickly learning the ropes and clearly enjoys his job!  I enjoyed hearing about the experiences he’s having.


Street Fair Memories

Ally and Brandon have been dating for 8 and half years!  Ally shared how way back when they were both middle school students her mom was his composition teacher, and their best friends were good friends.  So naturally they got to know each other.  They dated for a while, and then broke-up as many middle school couples do.  But then…  they saw each other at Street Fair where she took his hat and rekindled their relationship.  They enjoy going to Street Fair together every year with each other and her family.  Their love of Street Fair made that the perfect week for Brandon to propose.  They spent some time Saturday at the fair with her family.  After, Brandon proposed to Ally on the river greenway.   Ally shared “He told me he had to park down that way because the fair was so busy. As we were walking, we talked and when we got down a way, he got me closer to the water and got down on one knee! It was beautiful and he had my sister follow us and get pictures.”   How sweet is that!  Way to go Brandon!


Favorite things….

This sweet couple laughed and enjoyed each other through their whole session.  Near the water, when I asked Ally what she likes best about Brandon, she responded “he has a good heart.”   One of their favorite ways to spend time together is just hanging out with her family and watching movies.  After spending a morning with them, I think they make any thing they do together fun.  And isn’t that what one of the things everyone hopes for in a relationship?  To be comfortable together and just enjoy each other regardless of what you’re doing.



Ally was one of my seniors a few years ago and she and her family have been such a blessing to me.  I’m so lucky to get to capture many of their family memories.  I’m so excited that after capturing Ally as a bridesmaid in her sister’s wedding (my very first! 🙂  Now I get to capture her as a beautiful bride!  Ally and her mom told me about her beautiful wedding venue and  both shared ” As we toured we kept talking about all the wonderful pictures we were sure you’d be able to get there.”   So blessed! 🙂


Ally and Brandon thank you again for coming out early and spending some time with me during your busy day!  And more importantly for trusting me to capture this special time in your life.  I can’t wait for your wedding next fall!


Sit back and enjoy a few of my favorites from a beautiful fall morning engagement session.

Fall Morning Engagement Session Fall Morning Engagement Session Fall Morning Engagement Session

Fall Morning Engagement Session

Fall Morning Engagement Session

Fall Morning Engagement Session Fall Morning Engagement Session Fall Morning Engagement Session Fall Morning Engagement Session Fall Morning Engagement Session Fall Morning Engagement Session



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