Morning Anniversary Session Fort Wayne


Sep 12, 2019

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Morning Anniversary Session Fort Wayne

Over the summer Hannah and Landon celebrated their 1 year anniversary!  On their last day of vacation they were kind enough to join me for an early morning anniversary session in Fort Wayne.  They wanted to return to Lakeside Park where they got engaged and where we captured their engagement photos.  It was so good to catch up with them and I got to meet their puppy!


A big first year

Hannah and Landon have accomplished so much in the last year!  They graduated from college, got married.  Both were fortunate to have full time jobs in their field right after graduating!  I think speaks well of them and also of the internship/co-op program at their alma mater Indiana Tech.   So they lived in their apartment worked hard, and then THEY BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!    I’m so excited for them!  Home ownership seems to agree with them as they work on landscaping, and updates making it their own.



Did I mention they also got a puppy!  They researched different breeds and decided they liked the qualities of the Australian Shepherd.  Most breeders clip the tail of of this breed.  They had to really look to find a breeder who left the tail long, and drive a few hours.  I think they would say it was totally worth it!    Luna is the cutest little Australian Shepherd!  It was easy to see why they wanted to include her in their anniversary session!  She was so good!  She ran and played like any puppy, but stayed right near us the entire time even when she was off her leash!  And oh those blue eyes!!


Enjoy a peak at my favorites and of course I included plenty of puppy pictures, because well everyone loves puppies!


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