Purdue University Engagement Session

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May 17, 2019

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Spring blooms at Purdue University Engagement Session- Bell Tower


Purdue University Engagement Session

Sara & Peter

One day over Christmas break a wedding inquiry slid into my inbox and I didn’t respond to it.  Nope I didn’t email the bride to be right back….and it still lead to a Purdue University Engagement session.   I immediately texted her something like… “You’re engaged!?!?!  Congratulations!!!!!  ”  I was so excited for her I was grinning non-stop for at least 5 minutes!  I’ve known the sweet bride to be most of her life and am so honored that she and Peter asked me to capture their special day.

Spring at Purdue

Sara loves the beauty of the Purdue campus in the spring and  wanted to have their engagement session there.  We planned for an open day of finals week, only to have it rain ALL.  WEEK.  LONG…..  Sara & Peter were awesome and agreed to drive back to campus just a two days after moving home.  We had an beautiful day, and all the rain had brought the spring blooms out in full!

Classes were over so we thought we’d be shooting on an empty campus.  Boy were we wrong!  Everywhere there were people taking pictures in their cap and gown!  There were so many people taking cap and gown pictures, I thought for sure there must have been a graduation that day, but  Peter and Sara said that graduation wasn’t until the following weekend!  Wow!  A shout out to all the Purdue grads all waiting so patiently and giving each other space to take their pictures!  I was impressed!

Christian Cooperative Houses

Sara & Peter both lived in the Christian Cooperative houses on Purdue’s campus.  They met their freshman year of college and knew of each other through the shared   events between their two houses.  However they were both busy and didn’t interact with each other much.  That all changed the spring of their junior year…  One of Peter’s roommates was dating one of Sara’s roommates, and during more house events they all began spending time together.  Peter asked Sara to the semi-formal at his house.  They were both told by their friends that the other only wanted to be friends.  Sara said ” Thankfully, Peter knew better and we didn’t completely listen to our friends. Our houses had socials everyday the week following formal, so by the end of that week Peter had asked me out on our first date.”

New Year’s Eve Proposal

On New Year’s Even day Peter took Sara to see Cataract Falls , the largest waterfalls in Indiana.  At the lower falls he surprised Sara by kneeling and asking her to marry him!  He is so amazing he also planned a small surprise engagement party with their families! It is such a blessing to see Sara with a man she clearly loves deeply.  He clearly loves her deeply in return.  They are the real deal.  Investing in their marriage before it even starts.  They are attending marriage classes, and they share it has already given them tools to communicate better.  Tools to discuss differences in a constructive way.  I’m so proud of them and so very happy for them!

Purdue University Engagement Session

Take a peak at a few of the images we capture during  their Purdue University Engagement Session.    I am not familiar with Purdue, so I arrived an hour early to scout out locations.   The entire Purdue campus on an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper, does not make an effective map–nor does it provide insight into parking! 🙂  A huge thank you to Sara & Peter for having some photo location in mind and being awesome tour guides.  You guys are awesome!!!!

Couple beneath red bud tree at Purdue UniversityEngagement ring on Purdue University logoCouple in front of fountain at Purdue University engagement session Couple in front of fountain at Purdue UniversityCouple beneath trees at Purdue University Engagement session Purdue University Engagement Session Couple walking at Purdue University Engagement sessionPurdue University Engagement Session- Bell TowerPurdue University Engagement Session-the mall Couple hugging and Spring blooms on the mall of Purdue UniversityPurdue University Engagement Session- engagement ring Engaged couple at Purdue University Engineering towerPurdue University spring engagement session photos by Simply Seeking PhotographyPurdue University Engagement Session Spring blooms and Purdue University engagement sessionCouple with Spring blooms are Purdue University campus Couple walking among Spring blooms are Purdue University campus Spring blooms at Purdue University Engagement Session- Bell Tower


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