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Sep 26, 2019

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I’ve been wanting to start a Thankful Thursday blog post series.  As I drove home from shooting some preschool pictures and errands my heart was full of thankfulness.  So I wrote down my Tuesday morning thoughts to share with you on Thursday. 🙂    There are so many big things in life I’m thankful for, but this morning I was extra thankful for the little things too.


Years of wishing…..

So this morning I had a long time coming wish come true!  It wasn’t a big wish, but it was something I had wanted to do for a few years.  I only do indoor backdrop and lighting type portraits for a few select groups I feel really connected to.  One is the Creative Arts School of Ballet and the other is a local preschool where I’m friends with one of the teachers.  I’ve been blessed to have both her daughters in my senior rep program (one is for 2021).

For a few years now I’ve wished that we could take the preschool pictures outside.  I finally had the courage to approach the preschool director with the idea and she was  more than willing!  Yay!  But it rained….   and rained…..  Today however it was beautiful and I got to take the preschool pictures outside!  Let me tell you I love how they turned out and it was 100X less stressful for me!  🙂  So thankful for the willingness of all the preschool staff to make this happen and that God gave us such beautiful weather!

This became…



This… 🙂

Thankfulness-photo-by-Simply-Seeking-Photography Thankfulness-photo-by-Simply-Seeking-Photography

A huge thank you to this cuties mom for permission to use her photo in the blog post! 🙂


After wrapping up preschool pictures and looking them over I head on out to do a few errands.  I pulled up at the local Wal-Mart, locked my door and as soon as it shut I realized my keys were NOT in my purse but INSIDE the now locked car!  Just as I realized my mistake my car honked 3 times unlocked!  A HUGE HUGE thank you to the GENIUS that thought of making the key fob detectable by the car and using it prevent locking yourself out!  Seriously!  What a genius!  Who ever thought of this nifty feature saved my morning, and I was oh so thankful!



Gotta make a list!

I went in to Wal-Mart for 1 thing!  A quart of oil.  My car takes more than the typical large container for an oil change and we forgot that when purchasing the supplies to change the oil.  My awesome husband is quite the handy guy and always takes care of this himself. 🙂  So I wrap up my shopping start checking out only to realize… yep I forgot that ONE thing I came in for!  I should have made a list!  Not only was I still in the store, I hadn’t even finished checking out yet!  I was really thankful all I needed to do was make another lap around the store to get everything I needed.  Definitely something I would have had to go back for.  So a few groceries, a nice chat with a friend I don’t see often and almost $50 later I did get that quart of oil ! 🙂

Love having a grocery list on my phone that others in the family can add to from their own device whenever they think of something we’re out of!



A spirit of thankfulness

Yes these are all small little things, but recognizing the small things and being thankful for them makes the day a lot more enjoyable. 🙂   More deep thankful thoughts are coming, but for today I just wanted to focus on the small fun things!  I hope you’ll come back next week for more thankful thoughts.

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