The Real Contentment Challenge

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Apr 9, 2020

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the real contentment challenge


The Real Contentment Challenge

the real contentment challenge

Last week I received a congratulatory email from Nancy Ray for completing her contentment challenge.  I had to laugh because I feel like the real contentment challenge has just begun!  Last Monday, March 23rd, our state announced a stay-at-home order due to the corona virus effective March 24, 2020 through April 6, 2020.  That means throughout the entire state of Indiana, unless you work for an essential business or are doing an essential activity, you must stay home.

Essential Activity

Yes we can still go out for essential activity.  Essential for health and safety.  So we can still get groceries, medicines, etc.  But honestly, with a virus so bad, it has essential shut most of the globe down, getting groceries seems more like a survival skill than a leisurely trip to the local big box store.  My goal is to get in, get the MUST haves and since I’m there any other things we really need and get out touching as little as possible.  Note:  I’ve been a germaphobe for 19 years and the corona virus hasn’t changed that!


Online ordering

Yes, in this day we can order most anything online from groceries for pick up, to the latest outfit from your favorite shop  or electronics from an online mega store.  However!  When I think of groceries for pick up to me it’s a trade off.  It’s at least one more person I don’t know touching my groceries vs braving the germs at the store myself.

A new outfit is always great!  A new gadget, that’s fun too.  But all I can think of when I think of online ordering, is how many people will the item encounter before it arrives on my doorstep.  How many people along that chain could have passed the virus on?  What about the nice delivery person who always gives our dog treats?

Well prepared

So for me, I feel like the real contentment challenge has just begun.  I’m so thankful for Nancy Ray’s contentment challenge, that prepared me and especially my heart for this unexpected un-chosen to engage in, contentment challenge.

Nancy Ray suggested finding something to “replace” the time you would have previously spent shopping, during the contentment challenge.  I chose exercise. I am abundantly thankful that going for a run in considered an essential activity.  It is!  For my mental and physical health.  Running and spending time in God’s creation are one thing that I have been able to maintain to give life right now a sense of normalcy.  What are you doing to be content and give your self a sense of normalcy?


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